Clickotine delivers real-time interventions that disrupt your urge to smoke.

YOU'VE GOT THE ABILITY TO QUIT. We've got the tools to activate it

Therapy that actually changes how you think about smoking

Clickotine is a clinically-validated digital therapeutic that helps you control your urge to smoke through real-time interventions delivered through your smartphone.

Clickotine’s mechanisms of action train you to overcome the physical, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional challenges of quitting smoking.
  • Activate your ability to resist smoking impulses

    Clickotine helps you overcome impulses to smoke with science-backed strategies that transform your relationship with smoking to help you stay quit.


    Predict your unique smoking triggers before they strike and overcome every impulse to smoke with proven, science-backed strategies

  • ACCESS ALWAYS-ON THERAPY based on cutting-edge science

    Access 24/7 smoking cessation therapy, including live Care Guides, anytime, anyplace through your smartphone.

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Check if you’re eligible for treatment at no cost

Clickotine is a clinically-validated smoking cessation program covered by many insurance plans and health systems. Click here or ask your HR benefits manager if Clickotine is covered by your plan.

Activate your ability to quit

Experience Achievement Every Day

Start succeeding consistently with easy-to-do daily missions. See your everyday accomplishments add up to big wins as you work toward your goal of quitting smoking.

Designed to be used on its own or alongside of other smoking cessation therapies.

Clickotine is designed to be used alongside other therapies such as coaching or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to enhance their success.